Rares and the first Divera bike

Here at Divera, we don't just mindlessly build bikes. Every bike has a story of its own. So here is a cool story for ya, with a few pics. It is the story of the very first Divera.

Lost and Found!

Dan, our founder, designed and built bikes for many years. But it wasn’t until 2017 that, after much prototyping and designing, the very first model of Divera came out to light in Umeå, a university city in the north of Sweden, where Dan was working as a researcher.
This first prototype was built from hardcore bamboo, thick tubes and had some hardcore joints along with tube reinforcements. It was meant to be a city bike, but really, the frame was so strong that you could even use it for downhill. According to Dan, its frame was harder than steel or aluminum to break or bend. And we believe him, because we've seen what he builds here in our production facility, in Cluj. He used it for daily commuting for about one year.
Before relocating back to Romania to set the grounds for Divera, Dan left the bike in the building he lived and left. YES! We felt like he abandoned it. But the truth was that its transport would have been expensive and he needed all the money he could save to open the new company and start investing in what really mattered at that time.
Now, 3 years later, the company is set and the production is rolling smooth. One of these days, Dan thought it would be a great idea to have the very first Divera in our headquarters, here in Cluj, Transylvania. So he called a friend that was still living in Umeå to get it sent over. However, he got very bad news:

The Bike Was Gone!

Ela Ekhtiari is our brand ambassador in Sweden and a valuable member of our small team She is an incredible smart and motivated woman, a PhD in neuropathology and a world renowned expert in ALS disease. So we thought that if anyone in the world can help us to recover that bike, it would be her. She was nice enough to be of help and started her own investigation.

Surely enough, it didn’t take Ela too long to find the bike. It had been seized by the renting company and kept on display in their offices. They probably did not realise that this work of art was not only functional, but also SAF* to carry even a large man like the Swedish landlord.
Retrieving the bike from them is a story that we’ll gladly tell you when you come to visit us. Suffice it to say that thanks to Ela’s sharp mind and great personality, Dan’s forethought to put a serial number on the prototype, and a little bit of luck, we are now back in possession of the bike.

So, by this means, we want to send Ela a big thanks for recovering the very first Divera bike.

*Strong AF

Ela recovering the first Divera

Ela recovering the first Divera

Rares building the bike in his basement

Rares building it in his basement

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