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divera's story

Dan in his basement, working on a prototype.


Our story begins in the summer of 2015 in northern Sweden, in the beautiful city of Umeå. It was there where the first prototypes of our bamboo bikes were created by Dan Vasc, the founder of the company, with the contribution of Odd Åsberg, a Swedish entrepreneur. The first units were manufactured in Dan’s basement. Later, the production was moved to a local workshop, belonging to a private school. There they kindly provided Dan with more space and equipment to further improve his prototypes, with Odds help. Our company was founded in January 2019, in the city of Cluj, Romania, right in the very heart of Transylvania.


The first prototypes were beautiful and strong, but still not perfect. Like any other organic material, bamboo absorbs moisture into its structure. It also releases it, depending on the relative air humidity. This creates tension in the tubes, making them prone to cracking or splitting. Luckily, at the time Dan was a research engineer at Umeå university, at the department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (find out more about Dan’s research: Using his solid knowledge in molecular biology, Dan could benefit from all the infrastructure his lab had to offer him.


Dan started looking for the physical and chemical properties of bamboo that he could exploit, in order to make it stable over time. This would protect bamboo from mold, bugs and humidity variations. As this was an exploratory journey, Dan used his savings to rent all the costly hardware needed for the experiments. Shortly before using up all his funds, Dan discovered the solution in the form of a special oil, developed from highly specialized natural and non-toxic ingredients, such as several unsaturated fatty acids e.g. 9,11,13-octadecatrienoic acid. The oil acts on the sugar molecules in the bamboo through a process called polymerization. This makes the bamboo unappetizing for mold and bugs and resistant to humidity changes. As a consequence, this strong natural material becomes even stronger and highly durable. A dedicated section on the science behind our bikes will be soon available on the blog.


Divera is an anagram of two words with Latin origin: “Diva” meaning mistress of the house, and “Era”, meaning Goddess (or mistress of the house, depending on the context). Dan chose this name for the company because he describes his bikes as being feminine, elegant, as well as strong, reliable, and capable of transmitting emotions of joy. Being the owner of a Divera bike says a lot about who you are as a person and where you aspire to be in the world.


Our logo is based on a symbol referred to as the “Seed of Life”. It is composed of seven interlaced circles, one in the middle connecting the six others around it. This is part of a bigger picture, called the “Flower of life”, consisting of 19 circles. This wonderful and sacred motif occurs all over the world such as: Turkey, England, Ireland, Israel, Egypt, China, Tibet, Greece and Japan, symbolizing the cycle of creation. But since we try to keep it short here, we recommend you to search for ‘sacred geometry – seed of life’ if you are interested to know more.


It took almost a year to fully setup our current production facility in Cluj, Romania. After manufacturing more prototypes, and multiple steps of testing and refining, we now feel confident to launch our bikes to the market, for you to enjoy. In the next lines you can find out more about, the team behind Divera.

Our Team

Rares Vasc

Born 1986

Rares lived in Sweden from 2010 until 2018. Upon his arrival, he started a small business by repairing and selling second hand bikes until 2014. He then continued his studies, following a MSc in Advanced Biomedicine, and started to work in the biomedical field after the first year of studies, until the end of 2018. During this time Rares took advantage of all the knowledge and infrastructure he had access to. In his spare time he created a special oil, derived from natural ingredients. Today we use this oil to treat and stabilize the bamboo. This way our bamboo tubes last well over time, eliminating the risk of cracking, bugs or mold attack on the inside of the tubes.

Szilveszter Levente
Production Manager/Quality Assessment

Born 1989
A.K.A Levy

He might be one of the most crafty men in the world. We mean it. He has a strong passion for the Steampunk current. With an imagination that knows no limits and an incredible talent to make his vision into art, from scrap parts, he creates peaces of art that are truly unique and fascinating. He also decorated a few bars and clubs, one of them ending up on a list of top 20 best pubs in the world, with the best design (Joben pub, Cluj Napoca). Starting from 2019 he makes sure that our production protocols, are respected and that every product is built according to the required specifications and quality level.

Szilveszter's art on FacebookSzilveszter's art on Instagram
Gabriela Ungur
Art Editor

Born 1985
A.K.A Gaby

One of the best artists that had the chance to come across. Her great eye for details and the talent she has, were augmented by a bachelor in Design and a Master's degree in Industrial Product Design, as well as other qualification in UX and UI design. Starting from 2019 she works with us and helps us with anything that is visual, has colors and has to look good. This means some of our products, flyers, photo processing etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Gabriela's LinkedIn pageGabriela's art on FacebookGabriela's art on Behance
Daria Hrituleac

Born 1999

A first year student at psychology, she is the youngest member of our team. As a debutante in psychology she helps us creating various forms and she makes sure that we are formulating the right questions, in the right way. This process is harder than we expected and we are glad to have her help. She also has a basic understanding of statistics and data processing so her help is of great value when we have to process various types of data. Also she does everything else that no one wants or have time to do. For that we are grateful. She finished her first term with a perfect score and we hope that she will keep up the good work whilst continuing helping us.
P.S. We make her coffee. 

Ciprian Tomoiaga
Brand Ambassador

Born 1993
A.K.A Cip

He lived in Manchester, UK between 2012 and 2016. During this time he was studying a bachelor in Computer Science. He then relocated to Lausanne, Switzerland and complemented his studies with a MSc in the same field. Today he works in Lausanne Area, as a machine learning engineer with a focus on computer vision and document processing. Being one of the first Divera clients and being impressed by his custom made bike, starting from last year he works closely with us and he helps us to spread the Divera word and vibe in Switzerland.                                                                                          

Elaheh Ekhtiari
Brand Ambassador

Born 1986
A.K.A Ella

Being a scientist, she owns a PhD in Medical Science with an orientation towards Pathology and is a member of the ALS group at Umeå University, where she currently works.  Ever since Rares built the first prototypes in Sweden, she was one of Divera biggest fans. She continues to be a great supporter helping us to spread the word in Sweden and many other countries where she is traveling and holds scientific presentations. She is a goal oriented person and extremely intelligent. These qualities came in handy for us when she did some great detective work and found the first Divera bike that Rares left in Sweden and it vanished. This is quite a story. More about it is coming on our blog, soon.

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